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Our Brides - by Especially For You Florist & Gift Shop

White Roses-01 [EFYB-001]
White Roses-02 [EFYB-002]
White Roses-03 [EFYB-003]

Picasso Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet [EFYB-004]
Green and Purple Bridesmaid Bouquet [EFYB-005]
Stargazers & white roses [EFYB-006]

Stargazers & white roses Bridal Party [EFYB-007]
Fall Orchid Bouquet [EFYB-008]
Red and Orange Bridal Party [EFYB-010]

Blue Orchids [EFYB-011]
Lavender Bride [EFYB-012]
Lavender and White Roses Round Bouquet [EFYB-013]

White Roses with Fall Bridesmaids [EFYB-014]
Fuscia and White Gerbera Daisies Bouquet [EFYB-015]
Bright Pink and Lavender Bouquet [EFYB-016]

Lavender Hydrangea & Lavender Mini Roses [EFYB-017]
Rainbow Bouquets [EFYB-018]
Shades of Pink Bouquet [EFYB-019]

Pinks on Green [EFYB-024]
Blue Hydrangea and Purple Lisianthus Bouquet [EFYB-020]
Stargazer Lillies and White Roses Bouquet [EFYB-021]

Bright Autumn Mix [EFYB-022]
Pastel Cascade [EFYB-023]
Purple Moon Carnations and White Hydrangea [EFYB-025]

Coral Roses, White Hydrangea [EFYB-026]
Deep Blue Hydrangea and Lavender Roses [EFYB-027]
Green Trick Dianthus, White and Black [EFYB-028]

Mango Calla Cascade [EFYB-029]
Fuscia Callas, Succulents, Dusty Miller [EFYB-030]
Shades of Lavender Bouquet [EFYB-031]

Light Peach Roses and Mini roses [EFYB-032]
Autumn Burgundy and Rust [EFYB-033]
White Lily Cascade with Plum colors [EFYB-033]

Mixed Roses Bouquet [EFYB-034]
Red Roses, Red Alstromeria Bouquet [EFYB-035]
White lillies and Red Roses at Christmastime [EFYB-036]

White Lillies and Lavender Roses Teardrop Bouquet [EFYB-037]
Red Rose Teardrop with Mickey Mouse Gems [EFYB-038]
Shades of Green Bouquet [EFYB-039]

White Hydrangea and White Dendro Orchids [EFYB-040]
White Gerbera Daisies, Lavender Roses w/Butterfly [EFYB-041]
Lavender stock & Picasso Mini Callas [EFYB-042]

White Roses and Peach Gerbera Daisies [EFYB-043]
Coral Berbera Daisies & Blue Dendro Orchids [EFYB-044]
Yellow Roses and White Cymbidium Orchids [EFYB-045]

All Shades of Pinks [EFYB-046]
Pink and White Peonies [EFYB-047]
White Roses, Blue Iris & Green Carnations [EFYB-048]

White and Yellow Ranuculus [EFYB-049]
White Mini Calla and Lavender Rose Cascade [EFYB-050]
White Hydrangea, Pink & White Roses [EFYB-051]

Lavender Roses, White Mini Callas Teardrop Bouquet [EFYB-052]
White Rose Teardrop Bouquet [EFYB-053]
White Lily and Deep Purple Mini Callas [EFYB-054]

Pink Roses Teardrop [EFYB-055]